Hi! My name is Julie Maxwell and I am a fourth-generation farmer on this little patch of land. I left the family grain farm when I was 16, hungry for a taste of life in the city. Ironically, that was when my passion for food and farming really first began…

After graduating high-school, I was lucky to land a job with Floating Gardens, a hydroponic greenhouse where I spent 2+ years growing and selling vegetables for the Saskatoon market. In 2014, I moved to Ontario to study Rural Development and Food Security at the University of Guelph. There, I took dozens of agriculture courses, and spent countless hours getting my hands dirty at the farm on campus. In 2015, I completed an internship at Zocalo Organics, a vegetable farm in the Guelph region, and in 2017 I spent the spring and summer working at Notre Petite Ferme, a CSA veggie farm in Thurso, Quebec. Every blissful hour spent watering in the greenhouse, thinning carrots, harvesting bright pink radishes, or sharing homegrown tomatoes has reinforced my love for farming and my desire to keep growing healthy, high-quality food for myself and my community.   

In April 2018, I returned home to the farm to launch Crocus Hill Garden, a project I’d been dreaming about ever since the day I left!